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A passion for pumpkins

Introducing the Autumn Handmade Collection
 Passion for Pumpkins




I must confess, I have a great fondness for pumpkins – I simply love them!  So much so, that I have them scattered throughout my home all year round, becoming a permanent part of my decor.  That's why I'm thrilled to present The Homespun Loft's new Autumn Handmade Collection, featuring a lovely assortment of handmade pumpkins crafted right here in the South West of England. 
Each pumpkin has been carefully made with loving care.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.




Pictures from my post - A passion for pumpkins
Pictures from my post - A passion for pumpkins



Our thoughtfully designed pumpkins come in a range of muted colours that will complement any colour scheme.  In addition to traditional pumpkin colours, we also offer "ghost" pumpkins in a creamy white shade, as well as blue and grey. 
These are all perfect for adding a touch of Autumn decor to any space.






We've taken inspiration from the American way of cutting pumpkins for display, leaving a long stalk, and tried to create the same effect with our pumpkins.  The long stalks give them a rustic, country feel that I just love. They also make it easier to carry the pumpkins and to attach them to displays.   It takes a little extra time and patience, but the end result is definitely worth it.  


Pictures from my post - A passion for pumpkins
Pictures from my post - A passion for pumpkins


Our pumpkins are expertly stuffed and tightly tied to create distinct sections.  Some pumpkins feature decorative leaves, while others showcase the natural stalk.  There's a variety of designs to choose from and if you would like to take a peek, you can find them in the Autumn/Halloween and also in the Quilts/Gifts categories.  
Available in small 5", medium, 6" and large 9"

Until next time, dear homespun friends...

Warm hugs, Charlotte xx